Birth Doula Services

The Birth Service

Initial Consultation

Once you have been in contact we well organise a telephone consultation and I will email you further information. After the telephone consultation we will meet face-to-face to discuss which support package you would prefer. If you wish to proceed you will then pay a deposit to secure my services.

Antenatal Sessions (60-90 mins)

I offer a minimum of two antenatal sessions one at 25-30 weeks and one at 30-35 weeks. We may also meet informally (especially if you live close by). In these meetings I will share information on the physiology of birth, the hormones involved, the hospital system, we will discuss any concerns and develop birth preferences.

Ongoing support

Once booked I am available for questions and support via Skype, text, phone, whatsapp and email.

On call & Support during the birth

I will be on call day and night from 38 weeks until the birth.We will agree together when I should make my way to you once labour has started. I will remain with you until your baby has been born and you are settled in the hospital or at home.

Postnatal visit

I will visit you once after you give birth to debrief the experience, discuss any concerns and get feedback.

An African American mother cradles her newborn daughter after giving birth at home in a birthing pool of water.


Take a look at the Lavender, Lily and Rose packages or build your own.

"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it" - John Kennel, MD

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