Doula Support in a Planned C-Section

FAQs: Do you support Planned C-Sections?

Yes of course!

It is no secret that I am passionate about natural childbirth, but I am also passionate about mental health and women’s rights. Not everyone will experience or want to experience a vaginal birth, but everyone needs support when they are having a baby. If you don’t already know in 2017, I had a C-Section which inspired me to change my life, philosophy and train as a doula. I completely understand why some women may need or choose to have a C-Section for personal or health reasons. It’s because of my personal experience that I know exactly what support you might need.

The first question I ask is How do you feel about it? I come from a background in mental health and in order to increase the likelihood of you having a positive experience I need to know what your thoughts are. Do you want a C-Section or are you receiving pressure to have one? Do you have all the information needed to make an informed choice? If it’s for health reasons is this recommendation evidenced based? If it's for personal reasons are you being informed of your rights?


Support during the procedure

Usually, if I am the only birth partner but sometimes it is possible to get two people in.

Support in hospital

I can be available just after the C-Section for several hours or for an overnight stay to support you with breastfeeding and recovery.

Support at home

I have a series of different postnatal packages you can choose from or you can build your own.

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