Setting up Visionary Births

The name

I want to encourage women to think about and plan their births in an imaginative way using choice, information and evidence. I want women to feel prepared and approach birth with positivity not fear. I want women to go through birth feeling supported and empowered. I felt Visionary Births encompassed that message.

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The Logo

Believe it or not, my logo is actually meant to be a caricature of me. I noticed a lot of the logos seemed to be of white women and one of the statements that I wanted to make was that I was a black woman.  I sent the man who made it one of my maternity photos facing forward looking down with my bump out. (I ended up drawing it myself in the end, to see what it might have looked like).

I also sent him a purple and pink watercolour background, so he could see the colour theme I was going for. What he returned was a stunning image of a beautiful dark-skinned black woman with a pointy nose and bright red lipstick. It was nothing like I had envisioned and I loved her, but she wasn’t me. After 3 revisions I had my logo.

A few people told me that having a black woman as my logo would discourage people from hiring me. I responded by saying that I am here to serve all women and I chose to design a logo that represented me. The other feedback that I have had is that it is too creative and a simpler more uniform logo would be better. I personally like the creativity and complexity of it. I am also a huge fan of watercolour.

Setting up

I had one month before the training started to get everything in order. I didn’t want anything slowing me down. I bought my domain name and acquired the matching social media on Twitter Facebook and Instagram then set to work. It was a long hard time discovering how to build a site and it looks completely different today to when I launched it as I developed as a person and got advice from established doulas.

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