Syanne was a wonderfully calm and friendly companion through my antenatal sessions and labour. I was instantly at ease with her and both my husband and I really appreciated the space she gave us while also guiding us. She was by our side when I was labouring, giving me a fantastic back massage (without which I could not have coped!) and using aromatherapy, and working together with my husband to help me through my contractions. I turned to her for support in the days leading up to d-day too, and again she had lots of useful advice! Huge thanks Syanne for being there for us!! Xx


My partner and I were looking for a doula to support us both during labour and delivery. We liked Syanne’s calm presence and infectious smile and knew she was the one for us!

During early labour Syanne created a cosy environment in our home. She made thoughtful suggestions about positions, helped time contractions and filled the house with the smell of lavender. More importantly, she let my partner and I get on with things our way, providing support as needed.

After we transferred to the hospital Syanne advocated on our behalf, helping me get moved to the midwife-led suite and ensuring that our son benefited from delayed cord clamping. The sacral massage she gave during the second stage of labour was phenomenal!

My partner and I would whole-heartedly recommend Syanne to anyone looking for a birth doula. We felt well supported throughout and particularly appreciated her non-judgemental and mother-centred approach.


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I am so grateful for Syanne during my labour and pregnancy. She made sure I had a great new midwife when I was too scared to speak up about not getting on with the one I had and plenty of information about anything I was asking about. During my birth, she was by my side helping me through making sure I was drinking and snacking to keep my energy up, keeping me positive in early labour when things were slow, helped me get dressed to go to the hospital when I was struggling due to contractions. Every time I needed her during contractions to put pressure on my back for me she was right there taking care of me, I don’t know how I would of done it without her! When my baby was born she was still focused on making sure I was taken care of whilst everyone else was focused on the baby, holding a flannel on my head and offering me water, Syanne had my back from start to finish literally haha, thank you for all you did xx


When looking for a doula I wanted someone who was kind natured and empathetic and my Doula was exactly that and more. I really liked the fact that she was soft spoken and came across as calm and collected. She helped me put together my birth plan and reassured me as I was initially very nervous about birth again after my traumatic first time experience.

On the day she was always available to me, and when she came down she had tens machine ready for me to use. She helped me focus when I felt like giving up and quietly reassured me that I was doing well.

At the birthing centre she made sure my birthing plan was followed and ensured that the environment was quiet with no glaring lights. She used aromatherapy in the room and although my labour was fast she was there always supporting me.

I would recommend Syanne to anyone who is looking for someone who is empathetic, instinctual and will be there to ensure you have the best possible birthing experience.